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Pineapple Labs

'La Luz' Coffee & Candle

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As quickly as the daylight grows shorter in October, we find ourselves embracing the warm and tender moments this season brings: lighting a candle, warming our morning hands with a hot cup of coffee, and enjoying festivities. 

Pineapple Labs presents its latest gift set inspired by October festivities, La Luz, which comes with a handmade pink sugar skull candle, matches, and of course our latest brew. 

The candle is beautifully engraved and made of beeswax. The matches are encased in a cute glass vial, in a cinnamon-colored wood with a charcoal black match head, and a strike pad under the vial. 

Our latest coffee, La Luz, is an Ethiopian coffee with a fruity blueberry taste, the aroma of black tea, and the nuttiness of granola. This gift set is guaranteed to light up your life and those around you.

All our coffee beans (300g) are roasted freshly with love for you every week. We’ve also included a Brew Guide for your tasting pleasure.

Region: Sidamo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2100 mASL
Variety: Primarily Sidamo 74158, with other mixed varietals

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