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Pineapple Labs

'Karl's Awakening' Coffee

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    As the spring season begins to wind down and summer encroaches upon us, we often find ourselves reaching for something refreshing and delicious.  Our new coffee, Karl’s Awakening envelops your palette in a tropical coconut profile and comforting earl grey tea. This coffee from Ethiopia is the perfect accompaniment to a morning out on the patio or overlooking the Bay Area from the comfort of your windowsill. 

    If cozy morning brews aren’t your preference, we also have a brand new recipe that capitalizes on the refreshing flavors of summer. Karl’s Tonic is a fizzy and refreshing cold brew mixed drink that is sure to energize your morning.

    This coffee celebrates our Bay Area roots and pays homage to “Karl the Fog.” Start your mornings in the most luxurious of ways with Karl’s Awakening! 

    All our coffee beans (300g) are roasted freshly with love for you every week. We’ve also included a Brew Guide for your tasting pleasure.

    Region: Sidamo
    Process: Washed
    Altitude: 2100 mASL
    Variety: Primarily Sidamo 74158, with other mixed varietals