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Pineapple Labs

'Lucky You' Coffee & Charmpad

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    Lucky us, lucky you, today we turn two! For the first time ever, we’re featuring a single origin coffee from Peru. ‘Lucky You’ is a delicious medium roast that has a wonderful nuttiness akin to almond butter. It has a wonderful depth of cocoa powder and gentle floral, fruity tastes of rainier cherry.

    Included in the ‘Lucky You’ bundle is a clover charm pad to mix your hard work with a little luck! This 4x4 notepad is a great go-to throughout your day and looks great on your desk, featuring 50 tear off sheets with a gold printed clover charm.

    From the kitchen at Pineapple Labs, we’re including our spin on a lucky cereal latte that brings together your nostalgic love for cereal with your current love for caffeine. The ‘Luck of the Irish’ drink is a creamy iced coffee topped with your favorite marshmallows for a delicious sweet treat.

    It’s hard to believe we opened Pineapple Labs two whole years ago. We definitely feel like the lucky ones to have transformed your morning into something special with many great cups of coffee. We look forward to many more opportunities to elevate the ordinary!

    Process: Washed
    Region: Las Amazonas
    Altitude: 2,400 MASL
    Variety: Yellow Bourbon, Castillo, Catimor