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'Rise + Grind' Coffee & Mug

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    The Rise + Grind bundle is a marriage of the best things in life: coffee and baseball. In collaboration with Baseballism, a brand built for the love of baseball, we’ve brought them together. This bundle includes the traditional cup and coffee combo as well as a limited-run exclusive snapback hat. Items are now available for individual purchase. *Baseballism bag included only with purchase of the hat* This month’s coffee has notes of toffee, earl grey, and vanilla ethically sourced from farms in Guatemala and Ethiopia.

    Together, Baseballism and Pineapple Labs have agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds to Pitch In for Baseball & Softball, a nonprofit focused on eliminating equipment as a barrier to play so that all kids have equal access to the game. Due to the pandemic, there is a growing increase in the need for equipment as each player is required to have their own equipment. With the purchase of this bundle, you can fund equipment to be gifted to a child in need!

    Unite your love of coffee, baseball, and giving back to the community with this Rise + Grind bundle exclusive to Pineapple Labs!

    All our coffee beans (300g) are roasted freshly with love for you every week. We’ve also included a Brew Guide for your tasting pleasure.

    Region: Antigua
    Process Washed
    Altitude: 1,500m
    Variety: Bourbon, Villa Sarchi


    Region: Sidamo
    Process: Washed
    Altitude: 2100m
    Variety: Primarily Sidamo 74158, with other mixed varietals