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Pineapple Labs

'Sublime' Coffee

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    Our new coffee Sublime is the perfect way to elevate your morning. This coffee from Brazil is the upgrade you need for your morning coffee. Notes of sweet caramel, almonds, and citrus that are more fragrant and slightly floral (rather than acidic), rounds out the flavor profile beautifully.

    All profits this month will benefit Family Dog Rescue of San Francisco, a non-profit organization that saves awesome dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities and match them with equally awesome humans from all walks of life, creating families with every adoption. Our animals are more than pets to us, they really are family and we hope this gift set elevates the ordinary for our two and four-legged members in your family!

    Process: Pulped Natural
    Region: Cerrado Minero
    Altitude: 1,100 MASL
    Variety: Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Sarchimorarara